Libra, if you’ve been experiencing any ‘stuckness’ over the last weeks, it may just lift this weekend. The collective is currently being influenced by a major planetary unfolding, with Saturn (career, finances, authority figures) coming into a tension with the Lunar nodes (our past and future journeys). For you Libra, there’s a message regarding your sense of ‘home’ and emotional safety. As an air sign, you have a gift for being light on your feet and flexible. Libra is often associated (alongside Sag) with travel. Yet, it’s still super important to have a solid sense of ‘home,’ whether you find that in a physical place, or within yourself. This weekend asks you to tune into your emotional world, and to figure out whether your needs are being met. Do you have moments of feeling cozy, intimate and safe in the world? If not, how can you move towards that?