It’s an energetically charged time Skymates! This week, we have Mercury stationing retrograde in Aquarius, where so much of the collective awakening is already unfolding. We’re also in the last week of the lunar nodes sitting in the Gemini-Sag axis. As a result, there’s a ‘boiling up’ of themes regarding ‘truth.’ The world’s lessons over the last eighteen months are drawing to a close – rendering a temporary societal ‘split’ as to whether we’ve evolved with them, or not. Beautiful Libra, the universe reminds you that regardless of the tensions that exist in the world, you’re allowed to have fun – and to keep it light. Funnily enough, these shifting planetary currents provide a space of groundlessness, where you can thrive. Your joy, open-mindedness and adaptability are all things that those around you will benefit from. They’re your healing tools: use them wisely!