Libra, recommit to the relationships that are worth your time and effort. The Moon is still in Aries, and will join forces with Mars on Wednesday afternoon. Recognize the fact that nothing is built alone. There are always people there to hold you through your grief and to give you the strength to keep moving forward with your dreams. They are the ones you need to reach out to right now. On Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus in your area of collaborations, intimacy and shared energy. Where you see that exchange of energy is reciprocal, this is where you should consider making a true commitment. The spaces and relationships that leave you drained are the ones you should be rethinking. Which boundaries do you wish to reinforce? The Moon also comes into an uplifting alignment with the Sun on Thursday. The clearer you are about the exchanges that are moving you forward or hindering your path, the closer you can get to your goals.