The Aquarius New Moon took place this past Saturday,  signaling a new cycle for us collectively as we step out of retrograde season and truly feel like 2023 is kicking into high gear. Libra, this new moon encourages you to play more, laugh more, flirt more, and let go more. You love air sign energy because it encourages you to be free, and this week, you should set new moon intentions that help you feel the most free. Let go of responsibilities that have felt like burdens, rather than blessings. Or find someone who can help you as you brainstorm ways to let them go fully. Aquarius Season is about lightening your load, Libra. You’ve been dealing with much more than anyone really knows, because you often appear to be happy-go-lucky externally. With this new moon, release the need to always have it all together or to be there for everyone. Be here for yourself first.