Libra, it’s time to pick your best ideas. With Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, as well as the moon in the industrious sign of Virgo, the next few days will be perfect for figuring out the practical elements of life. There’s a seed-sowing kind of energy, as the moon is making harmonious connections with the planets of love, transformation, and innovation. Libra, here the universe is inviting you to find a place of grounding, so that you can get clear on what your desires are. As an air sign, your beautiful mind means you have no lack of ideas. This Virgo energy can infuse you with a heightened sense of discernment, so that you can choose the perfect ones for you at this time. This influx of earth sign energy is a reminder that with vision, focus, time and consistency – you can achieve anything. Step One simply involves choosing what you really want for your life.