Skymates, the Full Moon in Libra becomes exact at 12:34 am EST on Thursday, reminding us that a little care, understanding and thoughtfulness can help to renew our relationships and our responsibilities. The Full Moon comes with a merging between Mercury and the North Node, bringing new insights about our life path and our soul purpose. Libra, there are moments in the creative process that are slower than others, and this is just fine. Our capitalist societies may make us believe that when we slow down we’re lacking, we’re lazy, and we’re unproductive. But if you look outside of this, in nature and how it works, you’ll know its only a natural part of the process. We are nature, and it’s crazy that we sometimes forget about this. This Moon is here to remind you who you are, and which identities you no longer wish to keep sustaining. Ask yourself, what would be a more supportive narrative to live your life within.