It’s been one month since Mars, the Planet of Action, has entered Aries. We should collectively think back to all that’s happened on a personal and global level since June 24, 2020. These past four weeks are a microcosm of what can continue to show up. What’s your role in all of this, Libra? Mars wants you to pay attention to your relationships, and make sure that they feel mutually empowering, supportive and beneficial. Be honest with yourself if you’ve been falling short in any way, but don’t be too tough on yourself, because Mars in Aries always wants us to gift ourselves permission to try again. The same goes if you feel like other people haven’t really shown up for you in the ways you’d like. Set intentions regarding the types of friendships and connections you’d like to have or improve these next six months. Then take action towards making that happen, by expressing your needs.