We are feeling the Lunar Eclipse energy quite intensely right now, skymates, because Full Moons tend to be felt most in the days that precede them. Since an eclipse is like a full moon on steroids, it’s more important than ever for us all to hydrate, use technology mindfully, and be respectful of our own boundaries, as well as those of others. For you, Libra, a part of you can tell that a storm is brewing within you. People often underestimate you and the sheer force that exists within you when you’re truly activated, and since the Sag eclipse is highlighting your communication sector, people are about to hear you roar like never before. This doesn’t only have to do with the global revolution, but also the personal transformation you’ve been undergoing this year. There are certain things in your relationships and friendships that you no longer tolerate, and you’re about to make yourself very clear.