Know yourself.

@KnowLibra Daily Scope 6.3.19

Happy Gemini New Moon! The Universe wants us all to adopt a child-like mindset when it comes to embracing adventure these next six months. With the New Moon merging with Jupiter in Sag, we should set intentions that open up our heart to light-hearted expansion. Libra, you’ll feel airy and free with this New Moon energy, and it’ll inspire you to release any past hurts or grudges and start fresh in your life. It may be time to go on a trip or plan an adventure, so hit up someone who’s down to explore and get ready for an eye-opening experience where you see more of the world, and get to know yourself better. Even if it’s just a roadtrip to a new town, or getting lost in a book that takes you elsewhere, invite novelty into your life.

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