Today the Moon in Aquarius makes a perfect astrological trine with the Sun in Gemini, and this spreads enlightening and light-hearted vibes throughout the cosmos. Many skymates who’ve been partaking in revolutionary actions, either on the frontlines, or behind-the-scenes through decolonizing our minds or unlearning harmful ideologies, will feel like prioritizing moments of mellowness and rejuvenation. Libra, so much air energy will feel refreshing for you, and it brings out the more flirtatious, charming and adventurous side to you. You may say yes to an impromptu date or outing today that ends up leaving you feeling high off of life and very seen. If you’ve currently been connecting or reconnecting with someone, today’s energy will encourage you to get to know each other better by playing fun games or exchanging articles that highlight more of who each other is. Exchanging unexpected yet welcomed info with each other with greater transparency will deepen your bond and add sparks to your social life.