It’s about your space today Libra. In the early hours of today at 6:21am EST, the intense moon in your sign forms a square with a powerful Aries sun. This aspect marks the second quarter phase of the lunar cycle, a time in the month where lunar energies start to heighten and come into a more active interplay with the sun. Here we see a beautiful activation of the moon in its home water sign, and the sun sitting comfortably in a fire sign. This will likely lead us to a feeling of balance and insight. Libra, today you might notice a strong inclination to move away from others and be by yourself. If this is the case… do exactly that! There are many lessons which come from our interactions with others, but there is also a deep sense of love and understanding that comes from spending time purely by yourself. Balance is required. Libra, today isn’t about socialising or fulfilling any social obligations… it’s about sinking into a well-deserved sense of peace.