Libra, today is one for bringing ideas to life. At 3.43pm EST Mars leaves the steady sign of Capricorn, to enter the detached and airy world that is Aquarius. Mars in Capricorn represents a warrior’s stance on structure and convention. Here, solidity is achieved through discipline and tradition. On the other hand, Aquarius expands this view to one of openness and flexibility. There’s always more than one way of approaching things, even if they seem fine just the way they are. With the combined energy of Mars we are gifted the drive to initiate action from this creative space. For you Libra, it’s time to take your creativity and build something tangible with it. You have lots of ideas… but as an air sign, bringing them down to earth is the problem. Today’s energies will open up new ways of looking at old ideas. Think outside the realm of your usual actions. What could you do differently, to achieve the same vision?