Libra, today at 8:48am EST, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Aquarius. This means it’s a beautiful day for all things self-expression. Time to get weird, and to show off your uniquely beautiful self. Libra, for you this day brings you passionate, sexy and adventurous vibes, have fun with it. You might be feeling more confident and way flirtier… or you might be on the receiving end. Either way, the universe supports you today in empowered communication. Tune into your sense of self-worth and pride. It’s okay to admit how amazing you are to yourself, in fact it’s healthy. There’s a huge gap between arrogance and confidence, so don’t dull your shine. Let yourself have fun, dress up and admire your own beauty. It’s time to release the seriousness and pressures of life. Sometimes, you’re just the star of your own show.