Key themes: knowing when to stop, honoring your unique path, following your curiosity, being present in your intimate relationships, allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the spaces where you know you’re safe.

Dear Libra, there has been so much movement in the cosmos since the beginning of the astrological year. Mars finally left its 7 month residency through Gemini, entering Cancer, where it invites us to be courageous with our emotions.

Pluto’s shift into Aquarius for the next 20 years, after having spent the past 15 years in the sign of Capricorn, helping to reveal and dismantle the societal structure that only work for the few, will now show us what we have to heal and bring to the surface regarding collectivity and our ability to work together towards shared causes. Prepare for some deep transformation to occur within or through your creative self-expression, your passions and desire, your connection to your pleasure, your romantic experiences, and the children in your life.

With Saturn also having shifted signs, into Pisces, we’re becoming more permeable and empathic, and this will require us to consistently check in on our personal boundaries. This is especially noticeable for you in your work and wellness routines, helping you to dream up a life where burnout doesn’t exist.

The month of April begins with Mercury stepping out of Aries and settling into Taurus on the 3rd, in your area of shared energy and collaborations. Collaborating with others can really help to take you out of the rabbit hole of your own subjective analysis. Delegating some of the mental load can free you to form surprising new mental associations. Just be mindful about who you come into collaboration with, speak up if there are things that don’t feel right. Honor your boundaries. You don’t want to become even more loaded with the weight of someone else’s needs and expectations.

The Full Moon in your sign of Libra happens on the 6th at 12:34 am EST, shining a light on your personal goals and journey of self-discovery. This moment is asking you to release the need to make external success your main focus or to let the distractions of the world keep you from going deeper. This is a time to get to see a little more of yourself. Be willing to show up for yourself with compassion, especially when coming to understand parts of your past. Appreciate and honor your story, your struggle, and your identity.

On the 11th, Venus, the planet of love, will enter the connection seeking sign of Gemini. Open up to having fun connections with others through the exchange of knowledge and through shared values. Trust your impulses, embrace your curiosity and be open to learning new things when it comes to matters of love, pleasure, and interconnection. Every chance encounter may have wisdom to offer if you’re willing to listen. Embrace the journey, and trust that Venus is here to guide you towards a deeper understanding of love and connection.

Eclipse Season is back, and we’ll have a New Moon Total Annular Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 2oth at 12:12 am EST, right before the Sun moves into Taurus. As this happens in your area of partnerships, you may find that the cracks in the foundation of your most intimate relationships become exposed, allowing you to repair any damage. This is a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your partnerships by working through any issues that arise. Collaboration rather than competition or the need to be right is the key to success during this period. Take the time to reassess your boundaries if you’re feeling like you lose your autonomy when working and relating with others.

Then at 4:13am EST, that same day, we make way for Taurus Season, shining a light on your healing process. As you deepen into your personal journey of growth and self-improvement, don’t forget to meet any negative thought patterns or bad habits with love and compassion, understanding that we all go through this, meaning that there is nothing wrong with you personally. Don’t be hard on yourself or force the changes you want to see happen. Rather focus on cultivating an environment where you can feel safe and comfortable enough to explore your magic and transform what is no longer serving you. On the next day, Mercury goes retrograde also in the sign of Taurus, taking you through a process of reviewing all of this, and maybe bringing some setbacks that can help you establish the truth of what you need before you can more authentically step into your healing process.