We’ll be experiencing the 4/4/2021 ascension portal this weekend, skymates. This double dose of “4” energy can help us create more structure and build a strong foundation in our lives, as well as increase our generational wealth. This wknd, we’d all benefit from taking time to focus on the generational trauma we’re leaving behind, and the healing legacy we’re ready to create. Leo, you may still be feeling the energy of last week’s Libra full moon, which activated your communication sector. Perhaps back then you were still trying to find the words to articulate the changes you were experiencing personally and relationally. This weekend, the Capricorn Moon helps you say what previously may have felt challenging to express, and while your to-the-point nature may intimidate some people, it’ll be applauded by the ones who are ready to hear what you have to say. Most importantly, you’ll feel proud of yourself.