Life is warming up again Leo. Your ruler (the sun) is back in a fire sign and we’re about to collectively experience a powerful Sagittarius New Moon. On the very same day, its ruler (Jupiter) shifts direct. This auspicious portal will have us all dreaming again; widening our visions of life’s infinite possibilities. Scorpio season was as watery as ever, encouraging us into the depths of our psyches and souls. The entrance into Sagittarius season is all about taking what we’ve learned… and running with it. Leo, because this moon activates your sector of self-expression, this could be a journey you share with others. With Mars still retrograde, you might have the feeling that there’s a lot of work left to be done – especially when it comes to creating the life of your dreams. Yet, a harmonious connection between Saturn and Mars reminds you that good things take time. You’re doing wonderfully, just keep going.