Leo, be with the ones you love this weekend. On Friday, we start the day with the Moon joining forces with Pluto, offering you the empowerment you need when it comes to balancing your obligations with your need for leisure. By nightfall the Sun gets ready to say goodbye to Taurus, giving way to Gemini Season.  For the next month, the Sun will be shining a light on your sense of belonging, your social life, and the dynamics within your groups, communities and alliances. On Saturday, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, and you may be thinking up some big ideas and trying to come up with innovative ways of achieving them. Connect with like-minded people that you can brainstorm and figure things out with. Sunday brings the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces, activating what needs to be released in order for you to keep growing, professionally and personally. Check in on your collaborations and the energy they bring into your life.