Leo this weekend carries ‘hero’s journey’ kind of vibes. Because of a tension between Saturn (career, finances, authority figures) and the Lunar nodes (our past and future journeys), you may be feeling blocked. If you’re experiencing bumpiness in your relationships, finances, work or manifestation plans – just remember, it’s all part of a process. If every one of your dreams was instantly possible with no effort, would they feel as rewarding? That’s a boring story. Often the closed doors are the ones that redirect our gaze somewhere better. Plus, there’s a whole skillset that you’d be missing out on if you had never ‘failed’ at anything. The Moon entering your sign on Saturday is the universe reminding you to chill. Play, create, and enjoy the journey you’re on. Remember, seriousness doesn’t equate to success Leo.  You’ll be able to make it there, while still having fun!