Leo, you’re up for a powerful few days, and some of the most potent astrology of the year. First, we have a Virgo Full Moon, which is the last one of the astrological year. This moon activates your sector of wealth, making it the perfect time to cultivate gratitude for the many blessings in your life, as well as to make space for more. What do you dream of building and seeing in the next twelve months? Speaking of building Leo, Saturn is moving out of Aquarius – ending the 2.5 year chapter that began with the global lockdown. Saturn is where we feel both pressure and the opportunity to mature – and with it activating your sector of relationships for the last two years… you probably felt that! Now that it’s in Pisces, you’re being invited to align the practical with your visions: to build and create a structure that holds the life of your dreams. This is big, and you’re ready.