Leo, give yourself permission to roam and explore. The Moon is still in Aries, and will join forces with Mars on Wednesday afternoon. It’s time for you to choose the path that refuses self-denial. It’s time to go after what you want as your full self, and not the person you think others will accept or want you to be. Dare to be bold. Connect with ideas that inspire and sacciate you. On Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus in your area of professional pursuits, social status and long-term goals. What are your goals and worth ethics in need of so you can be able to manifest your dream projects? You don’t want to walk a dry road, a road full of demands and few rewards. You want pleasure in your life, and you want your needs to be met now, not only in the long run. Work towards that. The Moon also comes into an uplifting alignment with the Sun on Thursday. How can you include your inner depths into your professional and social path?