Leo, we have a major planetary transit taking place on Tuesday as Mars enters the final zodiac sign of Pisces. With Uranus in Taurus, as well as the North lunar node – 2022 carries an ongoing theme of how we’re living. That is, how we’re living, earning our money, spending our time, exchanging resources and honoring our health. If you’ve been feeling any discomfort in your career or financial realm, that’s likely why. These energies can make us aware of the places where we’re ‘sacrificing’ our quality of life, by going along with the narratives we’ve been given about what’s possible. You’re being invited into uncharted realms, where you can create your dream life step-by-step, your way. One of the biggest clues you’ll get is with Mars entering Pisces. Here, there are lessons regarding how to connect our working lives with profound meaning. Pay close attention to any synchronicities, whispers and opportunities.