Key Themes: Embracing closed doors, patience, embodiment, a softer side, a new way of experiencing abundance

Leo, there’s been a challenging cosmic unfolding for you over the last month, and you may have gotten to a point of starting to feel somewhat defeated. The Lunar Nodes are tightening in a tension to Pluto (planet of radical transformation), and this tends to raise both our fears and discomfort. Perhaps you’ve had the feeling that you’re watching countless opportunities pass you by.

The month of March carries a message of: trusting that what’s meant to be yours, will be. Even if it feels like you’ve been experiencing non-stop closed doors, that simply means that you’re clearing out the path towards your perfect match.

Mercury entering Pisces (March 2nd) also reminds you that it’s okay to admit your vulnerability, both to yourself and others. Carrying a persona of having it all together is a big one for us Leos, but the downside to this is that it tends to cut us off from receiving support. If you constantly bury your struggle, how can anyone know that you’re reaching out for help?

The last Full Moon of the astrological year takes place in Virgo on March 7th. This provides you the perfect opportunity to connect deeply, with your own personal sense of empowerment. After challenging times, you can be the best person to hype yourself up. Affirm: this is your life, your path and you get to do it the way that suits you best. Next, step is simply figuring out (as you go) how you’ll do it. This moon offers you a huge portal of release. Let go of anything that has grown redundant, heavy or stagnant over the last twelve months, and that includes the relationships where you’re repeatedly being taken for granted.

Powerfully (on the same day as the Full Moon), we experience Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn is the place where we become self-authorities. This planet also rules society, tradition and time… all the serious stuff. In Aquarius, Saturn had everything to do with networking, community, and our global collective. The internet (an Aquarian invention) boomed over this last 2.5 year cycle, as the pandemic pushed us all further out of our physical lives, and into connecting within the digital ether.

As this planet now moves into Pisces, you’ll observe society shifting once again. Trends will likely take more of a distinctly spiritual flavor – and like all things Saturn, this has both light and shadow sides to it. Light side: a deeper sense of shared One-ness. Dark side: spiritual bypassing and culture wars.

On a personal level, for you this can mean embracing a softer side of yourself, even in the spheres where you usually place pressure on yourself. Dissolving the line of categorization between “work” and the rest of life, will offer you a whole new way to experience abundance Leo. In fact, it will redefine it.

The slowed pace of March turns up a gear on March 20th, the sun moves into Aries, initiating the start of a whole new astrological year. Plus, a day later (March 21st) we have our first New Moon of the Astrological year, a powerful portal for planting seeds and visions for the next twelve months. Here, the sky’s the limit Leo.