Key Themes: Abundance, your inner spark, authenticity, community and your place within it, soul deep diving and healing

Leo, you’re approaching an abundance gateway. The Lunar North Node (in Taurus) has been activating your sector of wealth and abundance since mid 2022, which means you’ve probably experienced shifts in finances, the way you’re earning a living and indeed, living.

Nodal transits tend to follow a boiling water type of trajectory, and we’re nearing that sweet spot where everything cools down and flows. June is the last full month where the nodes sit on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which means we’re wrapping up some significant lessons. It’s a big one for clearing out limiting beliefs, and stepping into your power when it comes to abundance. Trust that it’ll pay off.

And remember; you are being supported with this. On June 1st we see Jupiter conjoining (meeting) the Lunar North Node. This portal invites you to expand your ideas on what “abundance” really means to you. Perhaps your path has felt more stagnant than it should because you’re chasing something you’re not really committed to. Either way, reflecting on your prosperity journey here will likely catalyze key epiphanies.

The Sag Full Moon a few days later (June 3rd) activates your sector of self-expression, confidence and play. This will be a fun energy, where you’ll probably enjoy getting social and keeping things light Leo. Since this moon falls on the Sag-Gemini axis of “truth,” it’ll be worth reflecting on the ways that you act and speak in alignment with your authentic truth. Are there any fears holding you back? If so, Full Moons provide the perfect opportunity for release.

The fiery vibes continue with Venus entering your magical sign a few days later (June 5th). The planet of love and beauty in your sign is going to feel like a cosmic hug darling Leo. You’ll be noticing the beauty, potential and love inherent to the world more than ever, and this will radiate from your being. Whether this manifests as quiet empowerment or confident magnetism, you’ll be feeling gooooood.

On June 18th our New Moon takes place in Gemini, activating your community and belonging. This will be a potent portal for reflecting on your current connections, and how they feel. Maybe it’s time to show up for your community in new and supportive ways, or maybe it’s the opposite and you’re feeling too influenced. Either way, New Moons give us the opportunity to tweak, refine and then initiate new ways of being.

Cancer season begins on June 21st, powerfully activating your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. This potent four-week portal is ideal for connecting to yourself and life on a deeper level than usual. Cancer season evokes inwardness, sensitivity and empathy – all of which are a natural part of our annual solar cycle. There are seasons where solitude serves us best, and where deep diving into the soul (rather than externally moving mountains) is what’s needed. Use this as an invitation to heal and learn more about yourself. If you’ve been considering finding a therapist, this is your sign!

The existential feels continue with Neptune going retrograde through its home planet of Pisces on June 30th (all the way through to December). This retrograde activates your sector of deep healing, shadow work and transformation. You’re about to enter a chrysalis Leo, trust that you’ll emerge – not as a better person, but as more of who you already are.