A second day of the Scorpio Moon continues, and since we’ve also experienced a Quarter Moon, we’re already noticing that the seeds we planted at last week’s Cancer New Moon are starting to sprout. Mars in Aries increases our collective powers of manifestation, and this is a power and gift that must be used wisely. Leo, you’ll find yourself thinking of your family today — both your blood and soul fam. In life, we sometimes hurt people. It’s part of being human. Leo energy can be stubborn, but with Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, currently retrograde in Aries until December, you’ll find that you’re less focused on being right than you are on being healed. Today’s Scorpio Moon can lead to you having a revelation that helps you release any emotional burdens or grudges you may have held with a family member or close friend. It doesn’t mean you’ll forgive and forget. You just won’t rigidly hold on to the pain anymore, and this will allow you to feel something new.