Today the Moon in Aquarius makes a perfect astrological trine with the Sun in Gemini, and this spreads enlightening and light-hearted vibes throughout the cosmos. Many skymates who’ve been partaking in revolutionary actions, either on the frontlines, or behind-the-scenes through decolonizing our minds or unlearning harmful ideologies, will feel like prioritizing moments of mellowness and rejuvenation. Leo, you’re thinking of ways to release the need to control your relationships, and today’s trine will help you infuse more humor into your connections so that you don’t take them, or yourself, so seriously. Even if you’re wondering when someone will text you back or commit to you, you’ll remind yourself that Venus is retrograde for a few more weeks, so this might not even be the time to request grand declarations or make huge decisions. Learn to embrace the unknown rather than try to resist it.