How can you connect? Leo, fresh approaches and opportunities are brewing today, as the Aquarius Moon joins the planet of expansion, Jupiter. This planetary connection means we’ll be receiving synchronistic signs that remind us of the needs of our emotional realms. If you’ve been experiencing a discrepancy between your inner and outer worlds… today you might just receive an epiphany or new ideas on how to bridge them. Leo, this all moves through your sector of relationship. In recent months, you might’ve been feeling shifts and strains in your friendships. You’ve evolved and grown a LOT over the past months, so it’s only natural that your relationships will shift too. Today, tune in and have a think about the ways you can tweak existing patterns, to better suit your needs. If this means less phone time with friends, try it out. If it means more communication, express that! Whatever the case is, make it work for you. Get creative dear Leo.