Leo, is the source of your motivation healthy? Things heat up a little today as the Moon enters your sign Leo! It then comes into friction with Mercury, Venus and Uranus – who all currently occupy the sign of Taurus. Leo, your sign rules themes of self-expression, pride and our childlike sense of play. When clashing with Taurus we think of the phrase ‘be careful!’ Themes of fast versus slow; impulsivity versus consistency; and risk-taking versus caution, all rise to the surface today. Leo, a particularly strong question for you today is: are you doing things for yourself – or simply to meet the expectations of others? Wanting the validation of others is a natural part of being human – however it can swing to unhealthy extremes. Today, Pay close attention to your patterns with social media, as well as the source of your desire to share. Does it stem from fears of unworthiness? Or is it coming from a healthier place?