Leo, today the moon in fiery Aries comes into a square with the equally intense energy of Mars in Capricorn. Here lies the potential for frustrations to arise, and emotional release to burst to the surface. Today, try to stay conscious and mindful of these planetary forces at play… because they certainly have the potential to create some tension. Phrases like ‘agree to disagree,’ or simply putting conversations on hold, can be the best tools for today. Leo, you might be starting to feel a little stagnant, stuck or suffocated. Relationships might be starting to feel like they’re a little… too much. Things have been moving quickly for you lately, but not quite in the way that you had wanted. Today, take some conscious time for yourself. Ground yourself with music, or nature. If you’re feeling frustrated, it’s best to sleep on it – as we will soon collectively experience a grounding lunar shift that is far more supportive of calmer communication and perspectives.