Today we have a powerful New Moon that hangs out alongside Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn – all in the sign of Aquarius. THIS is the energy of 2021. We’re being called into creating new visions, socializing and recognizing the platonic love that we have for the diverse members of our earth family. Leo, this moon is about you, and the ways you relate to others. It’s about how you honor yourself – so as to cultivate healthy relationships with the world around you. This is part of the Leo-Aquarius axis. It’s only when your own cup is full, that it can naturally overflow to others. If it feels right: pause the world and create space for yourself. Take a tech detox and move away from the pressure of ‘keeping up.’ Leo, already you’re your best self when you’re feeling comfortable, happy and unshackled. Ironically, it’s by first focusing on you, that the desire to connect with others will arise within you… naturally.