Today is a powerful day in astrology Leo. We have the moon conjoining Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – all within the sign of the rule-breaker: Aquarius. Aquarius rules the mental realm, so we’ll likely be receiving revolutionary clarity as to where and how we can improve both our lives, and those of others. Leo, you have a lot of movement in your sector of relationships this year – and today is no different. You could be receiving a whole bunch of revelations as to how the people in your life, do or do not healthily fit within it. It might be coming more obvious, who brings you up… and who actually brings you down. This can feel scary and a little ungrounding, but try to trust the process. Even if your friend circle seems like it will be totally different from a year ago, it’s important to have faith in the universe. The people who naturally flow in and out of your life, do so for a reason.