Skymates, get excited! Yesterday we saw Saturn finally move out of Capricorn, to enter Aquarius (where it’s going to stay for the next few years). Saturn rules our structures, governments and authorities. When it’s in Capricorn we see values of conservatism, traditionalism and patriarchy rise to the surface. It becomes a fight-to-survive world, with a focus on material wealth. When Saturn moves into Aquarius, things get a whole lot lighter. The focus moves onto communication, connectivity and beautifully: social progress. Leo, the density of the Earth element both grounds (positively) and weighs you down (negatively). With the shift into air, you might start noticing a familiar lightness of spirit. Leo is the sign of the eternal child. You’ve experienced the way your inner light can warm and melt even the coldest of hearts. Today, share your natural joy and radiate this light into the world. Your potential for a positive impact on others is limitless.