Leo, it’s the first full month of the new astrological year and the keywords for you are Empowered Discipline. Before you feel any dread about this, let’s first acknowledge that April carries with it a beautiful, creative and spiritual flow – due to an abundance of Piscean energy moving through the planets.

We have Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in the sign of unconditional love this month – and you’ll be feeling it. This period will therefore feel like a breath of fresh air and a chance to get back in alignment with the truth of who you really are. There’s been an increase in pace over the last twelve months, and time has been flying. April is a pocket in 2022 where the sense of chaos can temporarily dissolve. Leo, as a fixed sign, sometimes having your feet on the ground is the best place for you to take action – so get ready.

The cool thing is, with Mars (the planet of action) in Pisces from the 14th, there’s a lesson here in honoring your flow. Birthing new visions or ways of being , doesn’t have to be the mechanical, rational and controlled process that we’ve been taught. There’ll be reminders from the Universe to simply let go, flow and trust that doing what you love will lead you to a place that you’ll love.

This being said, you have a lot of energy moving through your more ‘practical’ sectors of routine, physical wellbeing, finances and career. Paired with the prevalence of more spiritual energy, April is a month where you can birth new ways of working within these areas – and fusing them together.

It’s here where the term Empowered Discipline comes to life. Leo, when you feel empowered and connected to your Creator energy – making beneficial and healthy decisions for yourself becomes easy. So too does finding healthy structure, consistency and routine. This month will be one to use both left and right brain thinking (plus head and heart) to break down and analyze areas of your life that could be improved and more aligned with meaning and spirit.

The next part is to then answer the question of ‘how,’ before taking the necessary steps. For example, if you’re feeling sluggish in your body which then holds you back from mental focus, the answer might be a daily morning walk. The universe supports your proactivity in improving your quality of life. There’s not a lot of room for excuses at this time on the planet, and there’s a message here that you are ready for this.

You may notice inherent areas of struggle with Pluto retrograde beginning on April 29th. If possible, use your planetary awareness to avoid feeling overwhelmed in this process. That’s the magical thing about having all of this astrological knowledge as a backdrop to your life. You can trust that anything unpleasant that’s coming to light, is doing so in order to be transformed. Plus, perfect timing really – because a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30th will be one of the best dates of this year to plant seeds of intention for new beginnings.