Happy Full Moon lovely Leo! The Full Moon in your sign connects us all to the joyful inner child. Remember being a kid that hadn’t yet been told ‘no?’ That’s the energy of your beautiful sign. This moon reminds us that life is a gift, to be fully lived, owned and celebrated – authentically. These are themes you’re inherently aware of, whether or not you’ve lost them somewhere along the way. With a tension to the lunar nodes, the next days also ask us to look at past and future dynamics. Where and when did you begin to mask your true self Leo? What’s still holding you back from stepping into your full power? Reflecting on these ideas doesn’t mean bulldozing yourself into doing something you’re not ready for… in fact, that’ll likely have the opposite intended outcome. Rather, use this moon to breathe softness, acceptance and love into your vulnerabilities. Recognize and honor where you truly are – and make it work from here.