This weekend, all skymates should find ways to take part in restorative spiritual practices, because we’ll need all the energy and strength we can get as we navigate the eclipse portal these next two weeks. With the Moon shifting into Capricorn this weekend, it’s time to create a more solid foundation in our lives regarding what we’re going to do with our deepened sense of awareness. Gemini, this weekend you should sit with yourself and your inner twins, and check in on everybody. How are you all doing? It’s your bday season, which means it’s easy to put on a happy face and smile, and laugh, and thank the people celebrating you. But deep down, is there something you’ve been wanting to gift yourself, perhaps a fresh start or an apology, that can make you feel more at ease? Pay attention to the thoughts you’ve been trying to suppress or ignore. Those are the ones that the eclipse energy wants you to face, in order to truly be joyful and free.