Gemini, we have a dreamy weekend on the way – kicking off with the moon making harmonious connections to four planets. As a result, you’re going to feel more sensitive to the beauty that surrounds you everyday. Notice the many little moments that fill you with pleasure and contentment – even if they’re only fleeting, try your best to stay with them. This could be anything from quenching thirst, to admiring sunlight. Cultivating gratitude (cultivating, not forcing) tends to evoke a healthy mental spaciousness, which will feel both amazing and cathartic. On Saturday, the Sun will be initiating Pisces season. We’re officially moving to wrap up the astro year, and this tends to raise the theme of “endings.”  That could either feel like relief, or mildly terrifying – depending on where you’re at. Either way, is perfect. On Sunday, a harmonious sextile between Venus and Pluto will alleviate fears, reminder that there’s support all around you.