We’re a few days away from the Gemini Full Moon, and Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, ends its five month retrograde in Pisces on Dec 3. This will make this wknd feel super trippy, creative, and communicative. Gemini, you can already feel the influence of your upcoming full moon, and this may be making you a bit erratic or scatter-brained. The best thing you can do for yourself this weekend, especially with the Moon’s presence in Aries, is have fun with friends and let yourself wild out. You’ve been doing way too much overthinking lately, and you need to let your energy out in more constructive ways without getting overwhelmed by what’s going on inside and outside you. Go bike riding, indulge in a paint night with friends, or have a dance party with yourself in your room. Let it all out so you can step into your full moon week feeling empowered rather than drained.