Gemini, you’ve made it through your ruler Mercury’s third and final retrograde! Monday the 18th, Mercury shifts direct in Libra, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, also ends its retrograde in your fellow Air sign of Aquarius. As much as you may have externally seemed to be chill this retrograde season, internally you may have felt lost, confused, and uncertain. All of these feelings are valid, and part of your lesson this week is that you’re not meant to undergo all of this alone, or to put up a happy front and pretend that everything’s okay. Use the Aries full moon energy on the 20th to open up your throat chakra (since your communication sector will be activated by the full moon) and share more of your personal journey with those near and far. There’s power in vulnerability, but the fire and air placements in the skies right now will also help you use humor and light-heartedness as a way to express some deep truths. Once Scorpio Season begins this Saturday, your sector of wellness and routine is activated. You’ll find yourself getting serious about your own health journey — just make sure to not take it to extremes by doing too many work-outs or suddenly shifting everything about your food regimen. Take things step by step, and soar.