Gemini, who supports you? The moon is moving into your opposite sign (Sagittarius), kicking off the week with momentum. Your sector of relationships is being activated and some trippy cosmic vibes may have you perceiving them in a whole new way. Neptune is in a tension with Mars, which has been on and off since October. Because Mars is in your sign, as well as in its post-retrograde phase, this period may have felt a little “off.” Or at the least, slightly new and confusing. The next few days (and weeks) will be a good time to reflect on who your “team” are Gemini. Who are the ones that support and inspire you in enacting your visions? Saturn has just left Aquarius, meaning we may be collectively wrapping up some acquaintance-ships or collaborations. We’re also moving towards the New Astro year, suggesting it might be time to make space for the new – or just a new way of existing in your relationships.