Gemini, you don’t need to fix things or solve anybody’s problems in order to feel included, just focus on connecting. The Moon is still in Aries, and will join forces with Mars on Wednesday afternoon. Connect with the ones that hold the same visions for the future as you do. Connect with your chosen family. Stay open to the underlying messages if any frictions are to arise within your communities. On Thursday, the Moon moves into Taurus in your area of retreat, the unconscious and what’s hidden from plain view. Take some time for yourself, to recalibrate. There’s so much to be discovered within your inner realms. So much to be released. There is pain in darkness, but there are also treasures and hidden talents. The Moon also comes into an uplifting alignment with the Sun on Thursday. Embrace yourself, love all that you are and all that have been —the light, the dark and everything in between. Self-acceptance can lead to abundance.