Skymates, the Moon’s now in Capricorn, so even if we’re in the mood to relax, we may find ourselves unconsciously finding ways to be productive, which could lead to overthinking if not properly managed. Gemini, your sector of depth, intimacy, and outside resources is activated right now. You may feel even more in tune with other people’s subconscious thoughts, and you’ll be able to tell if people are lying to you. Too often, people assume you’re shallow or superficial due to your popular or social nature, but they’re deeply mistaken. You’re one of the most complex and profound signs of the zodiac, and the conversations and thoughts you have these next two days are likely to take you to a whole new world of thinking and being. Connect with people who are willing to “go there” with you, and who don’t judge you before even getting to know you. Those are your people, and they’re looking for you too.