Gemini, the moon will be shifting out of your sign into Cancer in the next few days. This can mean that social desires quieten down, as you move into a more introspective way of being. Part of your sign’s understanding of life comes from the experience of contrast: learning about the different ways that others perceive and take in the world, to add to your own vast understanding. Equally important though, is taking time and getting to truly know yourself. You’ll be able to more seamlessly flow and manifest – when you know exactly who you are, and what you want. The moon harmoniously connecting with Venus is inviting you to connect with your deepest dreams. Explore the realms of your inner world long enough to clearly see what they are, and more specifically: how they feel. You could use visualization, meditation, or journaling to do so. Tip: connecting to the unique energy signature of your dreams… may just call them in faster.