Gemini, it’s ok to have doubts about your life path, it’s ok to change your mind. Let your intuition be the one that guides you to where you truly want to go. On Wednesday, the Moon in Sag comes into an uplifting connection with Saturn, and then clashes with Neptune and Jupiter. You feel like sharing so much with your lover or bestie, but maybe you can’t find words. If this is the case, find something simple to do to let them know that you care and you’re thinking about them. As the day comes to an end, the Moon will enter Capricorn, and things will get deep. Your emotions will be intense on Thursday. Pay attention to how you express yourself and behave towards others. It’s ok to be direct, but you don’t want to be too overpowering. As the day winds down, it’ll be super healing to find creative outlets to express all of your intensity.