Key Themes: daily habits, holistic health, friendships, future direction, needs and desires

Gemini, the month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet, stationing direct on October 2nd in detail-oriented Virgo in your sector of home and family. Keep in mind there is a 10-day shadow period before the planet of Communication resumes its natural wit and speed, Gemini. What did you learn about the story you tell yourself in the privacy of your mind and domestic sector over the past three weeks? It’s time to take these lessons forward when Mercury enters graceful Libra on October 10th through October 29th, as the cosmic currents emphasize your social air energy in your sector of creativity and self-expression. Gemini, Mercury in Libra provides harmonious openings for friendly conversations with people whom you can share your brilliant mind with. How do beautiful conversations reverberate in your body and mind, Gemini?

As Pluto, the planet of Transformation, stations direct in Capricorn on October 8th after a 6-month retrograde, reflect on the deeper truths that have been revealed in matters of sex, power and your attitudes toward change. You may have unearthed some rough edges, fears, and destructive tendencies, Gemini, so take a deep breath and use your gift of curiosity to simply acknowledge what’s there. Now, Gemini, what does it have to say about what you truly need and desire?

Consider journaling your reflections as the Full Moon in fiery Aries strikes on October 9th. As this Full Moon conjoins Chiron and Jupiter, you may feel emotionally sensitive about your healing and expansion process relative to friendships and future goals. The intentions you set out last April have come full circle, and what’s been percolating under the surface demands courageous action, Gemini. Whether it’s claiming your need for authentic belonging and humanitarian pursuits or severing outdated friendships, the future is in the now. How will you be harnessing this Full Moon’s momentum, even if it scares you a little, Gemini?

October 23rd is a cosmically charged day as Saturn goes direct in progressive Aquarius after a 5-month retrograde in your sector of travel and philosophy. In which ways have your beliefs and worldviews been challenged, Gemini? With Saturn’s retrograde, your social responsibilities may have weighed heavy on your (normally wondrous) outlook. Now that the planet of Reality is going direct, how will you ground your changes in perspective into your life’s structures?

A few hours later, Venus, the planet of Love and Connection, enters passionate Scorpio, providing opportunities for regrouping and restoration in your sector of health, wellness, and service until November 16th. Plus, the Sun shines a beam of awareness on this arena of life as it enters the witch of the Zodiac until November 22nd. Welcome to Scorpio season, Gemini! Although it’s in your nature to be invigorated by mental stimulation, Scorpio energy reminds you to tend to your emotional and physical health for functioning optimally and making the most out of each day.

The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th reckons as a powerful portal for unexpected new beginnings in your health and wellness sector. Gemini, what is needed for you to feel and be at your best on a mind-body-soul level? Whether it’s dedicating yourself to daily rituals, experimenting with plant medicines, or committing to a sustainable health routine, use your body’s wisdom as a portal for holistic healing and intention setting.

Jupiter, the planet of Expansion, retrogrades into compassionate Pisces on October 28th, activating your sector of career and reputation until December 20th. Gemini, you’ve been so brave when it comes to initiating a new chapter in your life and Jupiter’s retrograde in Pisces invites you to revisit your heart and process any grief from the culmination of past accomplishments or shortcomings. What helps you trust that everything is happening in divine timing, Gemini? Whether it’s art, dance, music, singing, ceremony, poetry, or writing a memoir – let it flow and let it go.

As the nights grow longer in the Northern Hemisphere, Mercury’s transit in Scorpio from October 29th to November 17th sharpens your perception of matters of health and wellness. With Mercury in Scorpio, be open to receiving new information about how you can improve your health. As a Gemini, your quick intellect is as much of a gift as it can be a burden and, with Mercury in introspective Scorpio, checking in with your mental and emotional states daily, without judgements, can be a transformative practice.

The month ends with Mars stationing for its first of three retrogrades on October 30th in your sign, Gemini. As the planet of Action slows down and retracts until January 12th, 2023, challenges with decisive action and self-assertion may arise as this transit activates your sector of personality. Gemini, while your adaptable persona and scattered attention may be a natural part of who you are, how might this be hindering you from achieving your goals? Mars retrograde can help you revisit any fears or hesitancy towards the pursuits you’re pioneering.