Key Themes: somatic healing, health, relationships, freedom, destiny

Gemini, the month begins in the midst of Eclipse season and, with the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, what insights revealed themselves in matters of health and wellness? If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get honest about how your daily habits are supporting your growth or hindering it. Gemini, what is needed for you to be at your best on a mind-body-soul level in the next 6 months? Write down your reflections and visualize them as if they were already your reality. As this anonymous quote highlights, “Don’t fill your head with worries, there won’t be space for anything else”, so focus your brilliant mind on how these intentions feel in your body and soul.

By the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in sensual Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am, along with Mars retrograde in Gemini, your energy may be totally depleted, Gemini. Since this Lunar Eclipse conjoins with Uranus, the planet of Awakening, in your sector of spirituality and healing, you may receive surprising insights about your body’s wisdom, including the traumas and repressed emotions you’ve been holding onto somatically. This Lunar Eclipse also makes a square to reality-striking Saturn, challenging you to take responsibility for your healing process. Gemini, this is a good time to engage in ceremony and to breathe, make music, scream, intuitively dance, and shake it out. Once the sand has settled, consider, how does your body tell you that you need to withdraw, slow down, and be taken care of? Now, remember this quote from philosopher Lao Tzu: “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet it is accomplished.”

On November 16th, Venus emerges out of intense Scorpio into exuberant Sagittarius, your opposing sign, where it will bring warmth to your sector of relationships until December 9th. With the planet of Love & Connection in the seeker of the Zodiac, you may be in the mood to take a more direct approach to romantic relationships with exciting shared experiences (pssst: use your charm and flirt a little – or a lot!). With Venus in Sagittarius, consider: Who sets your heart on fire, uplifts your ideals, and makes your belly ache from laughing so hard? As your ruling planet Mercury enters optimistic Sagittarius on November 17th through December 6th, open your mind to seeing the bigger picture of your one-to-one partnerships and how they bring meaning to your life.

These themes become highlighted as the Sun enters adventurous Sagittarius on November 22nd through December 21st. Welcome to Sagittarius season, Gemini! As the Sagittarius Sun spotlights your sector of relationships, you might understand why it’s so important to fill your cup: So you can generously exchange energy with the people you love and want to connect with, Gemini!

The next day on November 23rd, the Sagittarius Sun merges with luna, initiating a New Moon in your sector of relationships at 5:57pm, which provides an opportunity to refresh and expand through personal partnerships. With this New Moon, Gemini, what does freedom mean and look like for you in the context of relationships? Allow these answers to inspire your intention for this lunar cycle and, get ready, as next month’s Full Moon is in your sign.

Moments after the New Moon, Jupiter stations direct in go-with-the-flow Pisces in your sector of career and reputation. Gemini, think back to how much you’ve expanded in this area of life since the Spring and what you’ve learned over the past 12 years on this level. Jupiter in Pisces is here to remind you that you are so much more than your titles, status, education, and accomplishments. How would you approach your “destiny” if you knew, in your heart, that you are a conduit for sacred energy to flow through, Gemini? Now, let go of any extra baggage you no longer need to carry.