Key Themes: healing words, “me” VS “you”, heart nourishment, meaningful connection

Last month ended with a powerful New Moon in your sign which set the tone for the next 30 days. Gemini, the month of June invites you to use your thoughts and words for heart healing.

Your ruling planet Mercury has been transiting in earthy Taurus since May 22nd, compelling you to quiet the outside noise and connect to your inner resources. On June 3rd, the Planet of Communication stations direct where it will activate your sector of spirituality until June 13th; at this point, Mercury re-enters Gemini and highlights your sector of personality. Gemini, nobody can see the world through your eyes; it’s time to channel your sense of personal identity with your words to help people see who you are. Even though Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, is initiating its forward journey, be mindful of a shadow period of about 10 days. Take the essential lessons from Mercury retrograde with you as the circuits of information gradually accelerate, like a train leaving a station for another trip.

On June 4th, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, will begin a 6-months retrograde period in Aquarius until October 28th. Saturn retrograde highlights Gemini’s sector of higher education and philosophy. As Saturn’s functions of structure and responsibility turn inwards, this transit invites you to re-connect to your Inner Authority and how it shapes your worldview.

As the month of June peaks, so does the lunar cycle. The Full Moon in Sagittarius strikes at 7:52am on June 14th illuminating Gemini’s sector of relationships. Themes that began last Fall involving your beliefs in partnership come full circle on this Full Moon. This Sag Full Moon also forms a challenging square to Neptune, the Planet of Spirituality, which compels you to balance out any “me” VS “we” dichotomy with the language of the heart. Remember that not everyone is as naturally open-minded as you are and not everyone has the same beliefs. Your mission with this Full Moon is to place your thoughts and words through a healing filter of compassion.

On June 21st, the Sun leaves your sign to enter nurturing Cancer. Happy Summer Solstice if you live in the Northern Hemisphere! As Cancer season activates your sector of security and self-esteem, it compels you to drop your focus into your world of feelings and that which nourishes the foundation of your being. Venus, the planet of Love and Connection, enters your sign on June 22nd activating your sector of personality. Venus in Gemini invites you to initiate into a renewed sense of self and express yourself with style until July 17th.

The month ends with a wave as the New Moon in Cancer strikes on June 28th at 10:52pm where it forms a challenging square to Jupiter in Aries. Your mission with this New Moon is to connect with the part of you that knows how to take care of yourself. While you are out in the world socializing and planning your future, the Cancer New Moon reminds you to account for your inner needs.