Key Themes: Adventure, honoring health, transformative conversations, new ways of living

Gemini, we’ve arrived at 2023 and it’s going to start with a bang! On January 2nd, Venus (the planet of love) enters a fellow air sign. Because this transit illuminates your sector of adventure, travel and life purpose – you could be feeling restless, inspired, spontaneous or all of the above. This will be a great time to set the tone for the year. Take a trip, go explore and mix it up.

On Jan 6th, the pace slows a bit – or at least the focus moves from outward to inward – with our first Full Moon of the year. This takes place in your sector of health, and because it’s a Cancer Moon, you’ll be working with themes of emotional processing and healing. It will be a powerful time to pay attention to the link between your emotions and physical state. As many of the ancient traditions have taught us over and over: releasing suppressed emotion, grief or shame will catalyze better health, vitality and ease within the body. Take these days (or the week), to slow it down and simply be with yourself and your healing process.

A different energy arises a week later (Jan 12th) with Mars, ending its retrograde and going direct in your sign. If the start to the year has felt like a bit of a blur, life will start to feel more grounded right around now. Because this transit activates your sector of identity and sovereignty, note that you may feel a heightened sense of empowerment. This could also look like a desire to express yourself authentically. Enjoy.

The universe furthers this idea a week later (Jan 18th) as we end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in the sign of Capricorn. Here, conversations become practical, helpful and illuminating. This will be a particularly good time to collaborate, and as it activates your sector of transformation – you might have some very powerful chats.

A few days later on Jan 20th, Aquarius season begins, followed with an Aquarius New Moon on Jan 21st. This airy energy will feel like the winds under your sails are lit again Gemini. It will be a powerful time for manifestation and planting new seeds, particularly around ideas of life purpose and fulfillment. How can your life journey reflect the depth, poetry and magic that you contain?

The next day (jan 22nd), Uranus goes direct in Taurus – and here you may just start receiving answers. This transit is all about revolutionizing the way you live your life, from the ground up. How you work, play, rest, relate and eat. Stay open, flexible and ready for all the positive changes yet to come.