Key Themes: Self-expression and communication, planning practically to ground and realize dreams, sharing your personal journey

Gemini, you know those chapters in your life that you look back on as being gamechangers? February has that potential for you. This month begins with a light and powerful Full Moon in Leo, which activates your sector of communication. Because the Leo archetype is about self-expression and authenticity, you’re being invited into a space of sharing. This might mean calling up a friend, or posting something honest and from the heart on social media. Your sign rules communication so you’ll likely be feeling more embodied and confident than you have in a little while.

The good vibes continue on Feb 7th, with a harmonious connection between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node. This cosmic signature could look like a sudden idea, burst of momentum or change of circumstance – all in the direction of your personal expansion. Stay adaptable and get ready to act at a moment’s notice. If you have any ideas that begin to arise around now, write them down and let them ruminate in your mind and subconscious. With the next New Moon, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to plant seeds.

Speaking of seeds… February 18th brings Pisces season, and with it an activation of your sector of career and finance. The combination of practicality and dreaming can be the perfect recipe for your next growth spurt Gemini. You’ll be able to use the remainder of the month (particularly around the Pisces New Moon on Feb 20th) to begin practically planning your way to the life of your dreams.

February 16th sees asteroid Pallas Athena move into the watery sign of Cancer. Because Pallas carries a creative, feminine energy – this will be a time to pay attention and honor your intuitive, emotional and creative impulses. You may feel the desire to slow it down, spend more time alone, and in a state of nurturance. Yin, as opposed to Yang.
If this is the case, trust that. Often our ‘progress’ comes from a state of receptivity and surrender, rather than a continuous powering through.

Venus entering Aries on Feb 20th will re-emphasize the month’s theme of sharing with others. Here, the planet of love and beauty is activating your sector of networking. When it comes to making your goals happen, you might just notice the incredible momentum that can arise from the support of the community.

Your ruler Mercury (planet of communication), will be in Aquarius from Feb 11th – and this further supports the idea of finding beings to vibe with. Maybe this means expressing your vulnerability, ambitions and ideas with a good friend. Tip: sometimes when we’re too close to a problem (especially if it’s our own), we can’t see all the solutions – but another can. This month, the universe is inviting you into remembrance: you don’t have to do it alone.