You choose the meaning Gemini. Moving through Taurus, today our moon conjoins Uranus before coming into a tense connection with Saturn. This planetary conversation has to do with stability, structure, comfort – and the way we go about achieving (or avoiding) those elements in our lives. With Uranus in the mix, this realm could be shaken up today. But a tension with Saturn suggests it could be the perfect time to break out of old norms, innovate and actually design our lives in more progressive ways. Gemini, today the universe asks you to remember that if things aren’t going your way – it doesn’t mean you’re failing. Tap into any similar feelings (which may be in your subconscious). If you’re experiencing obstacles, stagnancy or ‘failure’ – there are lessons to be learnt, and doorways to grow. You get to choose what it all means, so choose a meaning which actually benefits you.