Has your mind been getting too noisy? Gemini, today is one to start shifting your gaze inward, as tomorrow marks the Dark of the Moon period the last three days of the Lunar cycle. This time creates a spaciousness for the upcoming Aries New Moon (the first of the astrological year). Astrology is the study of natural rhythms and cycles, one of which is the lunar cycle. The DOM is a time to go inward, and to face the shadows we carry. Its energy carries a quiet, healing wisdom. Gemini, you’ve had a whole lot of planetary energy working through your realm of logic and processing and there’s a high chance you’ve been experiencing mental overdrive. If you’ve been finding yourself analyzing, obsessing or overthinking about scenarios; ride this cosmic wave of quietening down, to allow your mind some rest. Getting too in your head can ironically very often cloud your judgement. In the next few days, try consciously pulling your awareness from your head, down into your heart… and see what happens.