Conjunction time Skymates! Gemini, today we have the Moon conjoining Pluto which might just uncover some deep truths. Taking place in Capricorn, we’re dealing with structures, our fathers, governments, and self-discipline. Today we might experience epiphanies in relation to these topics. Or we might simply notice just how harsh we are on ourselves. Gemini, self-love is the word. You’re reminded to embrace the sensual joys of organizing your life and schedule, around the things you love. Particularly lately, you’re not being as gentle with yourself as you could be. It’s so important to encourage yourself and get to a point of dissolving any critical self-talk.  Set clear and healthy boundaries to avoid being walked all over. Check-in with your body and act accordingly. Make pleasure a priority. Trust, and know that the inspiration that arises from each of these acts, will carry you into the manifestation of your dream life.